Free Rapidshare Premium Account(s)


Its been a month or so which we are doing quite well, plenty of visitors, useful feedbacks and plenty more, since its all about our visitors that makes us feel we’re alive we decided to announce a contest at impart labs, a contest which based on the first response would be carried on every 4 months, each time offering bigger prizes, but it all depends on you visitors, the more you support us, the more we could support you!
While there are quite a few similar rapidshare premium account prize draws on the internet we decided to make ours a bit different, namely more money, more cash!
The prizes we have prepared for you visitors are:
   • 2 Individual 1 Month Premium Accounts worth 10,000 Rapidshare Points 
   • 2 Individual 48 hrs Premium Accounts worth 650 Rapidshare Points

Its true, an overall of 4 Free Rapidshare Accounts to giveaway, each designated for different tastes and purposes.
If you're interested to sign up for our first prize draw, there is nothing much to do, only a few steps and you are ready to go, in order to take part of the contest you could either:

     » Write a blog post about the prize draw and subscribe to our Newsletter (20 points)
     » Subscribe to our Feed and monthly newsletter (11 Points)
     » Favorite this blog at Technorati and subscribe to our newsletter (7 Points)
     » Subscribe to our YouTube channel and newsletter as well (7 points)

Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter since it’s the only way we could track our subscribers back to the points they have earned.
The Choice is yours, more points the higher the chance you're about to win the prizes !

The contest ends on the 1st of October and no entries will be accepted after this, the results will be declared on 10th of October on the website.