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Windows Disk Management Tutorial 
Windows Disk Management 
Disk Management is a snap-in that's part of the Microsoft Management Console supplied with Windows XP. If you're not familiar with Microsoft Management Console you might want to watch these video series for an overview of how it functions. Just as the name Disk Management implies it's a tool used to manage system disks, both local and remote preview video
Windows Workgroup Tutorial 
Windows Workgroup 
A Workgroup is Microsoft's terminology for a peer-to-peer PC computer network. Microsoft operating systems in the same workgroup may allow each other access to their files, printers, or Internet connection. Members of different workgroups on the same local area network segment and TCP/IP network can only access resources in workgroups to which they are joined preview video
Remote connection Series 
Windows Remote Series 
The remote connection series video pack  include tutorials for three different software provided by Microsoft. These videos include Microsoft Remote desktop, Microsoft Net Meeting and Windows Remote Assistance whereas they all have one secret in common and that's to provide remote connection to third party workstations running windows operating systems over the internet or a local network. preview videos
Bridged Networking 
Bridged Networking
Network Bridge makes it inexpensive and easy to connect LAN segments. Prior to Windows XP if you wanted to have a network with more than one LAN segment, then you had two options: IP routing and hardware bridging. IP routing required you to buy hardware routers or configure computers to act like routers, configure IP addressing for each computer on each network segment, and configure each network segment as a separate subnet. preview video