We have managed to provide you with the a list of questions and answers which are generally asked by users either here or on our YouTube channel but if you still believe that your question is not listed below please feel free to contact us we definitely would answer your questions as soon as possible.

Q: Can i publish your videos on the internet ?
A: There are certain limitations to this you might want to review our end user license agreement.

Q: Do you provide full version of your videos online?
A: Yes, we have broke down full length videos to shorter ones so that users would also be able to view our full videos online, for more info visit our YouTube channel.

Q:Why cant i view the the videos properly, i only hear the sound ?
A: Since our videos have been captured using the Techsmith Camtasia Screen Recorder, in order to view our videos you have to download the associated video codec , we have provided a link to the video codec webpage on the official Techsmith website so that you could download it without any problem , the link is provided on the right hand side of the page.

Q: Can we provide the download links of each video on our website or vlog?
A:Yes,as long as you have agreed the end user license agreement.

Q: How can i download the full length videos?
A: We have uploaded the full length videos to the rapidshare file hosting website, files over 100 MB have been divided into several files, you can find the relevant download links beneath each video.

Q: Would your videos remain videos remain free for online users?
A: Depending on the support we get, we would to try to provide free videos, but still we can not guarantee it.

Q: Do you have any affiliate programs?
A: in near future we have planned to provide our users with several affiliate programs, but not yet.

Q: How can I subscribe to your feed?
A: Simply use the links provided for our feed or either click here, normally if you are using a Firefox or safari browser it would automatically detect our feed but if you're using any other browser simply use the feed link provided on the top or either bottom of the page.

Q: How can add your site to my Technorati favorites?
A: You could simply use the link provided on the right hand side of the page or either click here.

Q: Do you have an account with PayPal which we can donate to?
A: if you are encouraged to help us there are so many ways which you could do so, simply contact us and we would let you know.

Q: Would i be able to review your web content on my PDA or mobile?
A: We have done our best so that the website would be best-viewable to various browsers, currently we support commonly known browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, if you run in to an issue with a certain browser let us know we would try to fix the issue as soon as possible.