Miscellaneous Video Tutorials

“How to open certain ports for different programs in Windows Firewall”
Normally when certain programs try to connect over to the internet or even to your local area network (when your computers attempts to create an outbound connection) you would receive a message from Windows Firewall which states that whether you want to block or to allow access to the program to create an outbound connection, sometimes you have to manually do this and add certain programs or ports to the windows firewall, in this tutorial we would be explaining how to manage the Windows Firewall in different situations. view complete video

“A quick tutorial to optimize your torrent speeds”
Normally torrent users are concerned because of their low torrent speeds, mainly simple steps would lead to a fast connection, but before you review this video we would advise you to review the port forwarding on a router tutorial first. view complete video

“Simple steps to setup a WEP/WPA key for your router”
Whether you are using your wireless capabilities and whether you are not you should configure your wireless capable router securely, this video explains how to set a password for your wifi router so that the rest of the neighborhood do not have access to your internet connection or your local network unless you provide them with the password you set. view complete video

“How to forward certain ports on a router”
This a main concern for people whom are using peer 2 peer programs which connect over the internet, basically all of the associated programs use specific ports which unless you don't forward them on your router they wouldn't function properly, this video takes us to basic aspects of port forwarding. view complete video

“How to enable Raid5 and Mirrored volumes in Windows XP”
Basically by default Raid5 and Mirrored volumes are not an option in windows xp professional neither windows xp home to set configure them so that they support these volumes as well you might want to view this video. view complete video